World Development Information Day! 💻

Today is World Development Information Day! 💻

As the world becomes a global information society, it is necessary to be always informed about changes and innovations in technological world. And now, the fact is that informatics became a mandatory and important part in the education of every individual.

So, let’s see the information development through history…


The first generation of electronic computers began in 1946, and over time there were significant changes and innovations in the way the computer works itself, so the next generations develop all the way to the fourth. 


The fourth begins in 1970 with the great discovery of databases and the operating system, as well as the microprocessor as a main part of the computer. 


The great progress is reflected in the fact that the main part through generations has advanced from the electronic tube to the microprocessor, and the program from the machine language to databases and operating systems. 🚀

The first microprocessor chip was made by Intel in 1970, while Apple released the first assembled PS in 1977. Five years after the first version of Apple, in 1981, a PC with the commercial name IBM PC appeared on the market, where IBM handed over the development of the operating system to the then not so well-known company Microsoft. 

A crucial event occurs when Microsoft develops an operating system with a graphical user interface called Windows. Although the first versions were not perfect and popular, Bill Gates, who we all know nowadays, continued to develop to the great one – Windows 95, which became the best tested and best-selling program of all time.

Looking back, we can see how far the technological world has progressed and how much then, seemingly unimaginable things, are our complete reality today. Also, who knows to what unimaginable limits this world will develop in the coming years… 

Are you ready for a new technological reality?