We are a dedicated IT nearshoring company.

  • We help people to have less stressful lives with digitalisation of their everyday needs
  • We organize teams who work exclusively for one client
  • We are always happy to have the best brains with great sense of humor in our team
  • Our clients are declared as the best among top 100 Swiss Startups.



Telehealth bracelet for fertility tracking


Booking engine for moving and cleaning services

DG logo

DIG enables insurers, banks and brokers to offer fully integrated digital insurance solutions to their customers at record speed

Room Estate offers independent young people a comfortable and stress-free way to live

Digital guest communication for the hospitality industry.

Handmade designer glasses

Creadi makes insurance clear and easy for Digital Nomads and anyone who wants to play it safe and straightforward

Oviva is a technology-enabled healthcare provider. With their proprietary technology, they enable new models of care and more effective forms of traditional care in medical nutritional counseling/dietetics.

Komed health is innovative communication start up, that is revolutionizing the way people communicate in a hospital.

The digital legal department for companies.

Leading Swiss online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms

With simple and effective solutions for online marketing and competent on-site consulting, Localsearch ensures the success of SMEs in the digital world.

With UHUB you roll out your strategy in the daily work process simply and concretely down to the individual communication measure.

The first Swiss transaction account to get rid of card fees worldwide, including exchange rate spreads. All on your smartphone.

An AI-powered personal trainer on your smartphone.

Digital solutions that streamline transport, logistics, and supply chain operations and mobile workforce management.

The Digital Innovation Lab supports companies in the digital transformation.

A holistic digital concierge service from the hotels for the hotels

More than just a traditional insurance company.

Free the world from the bad copy.

Software for sales and marketing employees in the office and field service, which automatically keeps CRM systems up to date and offers the best and fastest way to capture contacts.

High-quality products and content around the topic of food and drink.

The leading provider of digital real estate marketing solutions, who offer a wide range of virtual products from a single source: from real estate software to websites to 360° tours.

Online Marketing Agency for responsible businesses focusing on high-value and measurable performance advertising via a flat-rate payment model.

The most successful crowdfunding platform in sports worldwide.

The Optical Revolution for Blood Pressure Monitoring.

The first distributed learning platform for Artificial Swarm Intelligence (ASI) that offers an all-in-one solution for AI development.

The digital recruiting tool that helps companies find qualified & interested candidates globally.

Striving for simple solutions while solving complex problems.

Digital twin for new and existing luxury watches with all the important information securely and immutably stored in a digital certificate.

With a free marketplace and smart tools, we digitize the rental process and efficiently combine the needs of providers and prospective tenants in one place.

The international digital marketplace for classic vehicles.

Automation of the production of digital twins of 3D objects, by using patented (pending) scanning and conversion technology.

Robot-based coffee and beverage bar that is based on our development team’s rich experience in robotic drinks solutions for coffees, mocktails and softdrinks.

Next-gen smartphone unique hexagon keyboard, with superior AI autocorrect multi-language recognition.

Reinvent social media advertisement by returning power to the ones who are at the heart of social media: the content creators themselves.

E-commerce platform for selling finest organic CBD: Private Label, Bulk, Brand & White Label.

E-commerce platform for selling Platform on which farmers and agricultural partners can network, share content and exchange information free of charge.

Application for loyalty cards and coupons on smartphones. 

Marketing solutions for a digital world with cutting-edge SEO software and white-glove agency services.

The app for Bitcoin payments, simple, fast & inexpensive. 

Intuitive, digital solutions for complex challenges.

The all-in-one spend management platform.

Cloud-based subscription management for the media world.

The leading platform for investing with sustainable impact.

The company builder from the very beginning, by combination of innovation, technology and vision.

Digitalization of native vertical brand for child food.

Innovative non-invasive portable medical diagnostic solution that facilitates the early detection, prevention and management of disease.

Online audio ecosystems for the broadcasting industry and brands with state of the art technology.

Digital food factory for producing meat from plant-based proteins.

The first digital ecosystem for SMEs, based on artificial intelligence and years of fiduciary know-how.