Holycode is a software development company. We develop modern projects for European clients.


Our mission is to organize development teams who are working exclusively for one client full time. That team is at the same time a part of the client's company but located in our office.

Our primary goal is to provide a great working conditions and atmosphere for our team in order to have good results. That's why we always follow and abide the suggestions and ideas of our employees without them our company would not be what it is - a place where work becomes fun!


We are dedicated IT outsourcing company

Digital insurance broker app


Booking engine for moving and cleaning services


Telehealth bracelet for fertility tracking

Room Estate offers independent young people a comfortable and stress-free way to live

FROPS Fraud prevention software automatically and systematically detects, prevents and investigates fraud.

Handmade designer glasses

Flink is a corporate start-up, backed by the third biggest insurance company in Switzerland, Helvetia Versicherungen AG. "We strongly believe that the insurance industry needs a remake, which is why we have built Flink, an insurance our users love."

Oviva is a technology-enabled healthcare provider. With their proprietary technology, they enable new models of care and more effective forms of traditional care in medical nutritional counseling/dietetics.

Komed health is innovative communication start up, that is revolutionizing the way people communicate in a hospital.

Yamo produces the first ultra-fresh, all natural, Swiss made and all organic food for babies.

Leading Swiss online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms

Your virtual roommate and clever burglary prevention

Detect radiological and nuclear materials

The Digital Innovation Lab supports companies in the digital transformation.

All loyalty cards - one app

Bestmile empowers mobility providers to deploy, manage and optimize autonomous and conventional driven vehicle fleets.

More than just a traditional insurance company.

Free the world from the bad copy.

High-quality products and content around the topic of food and drink.

Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on branding, lead gen & sales via national on- & offline cross-channel campaign concepts.

MOVU team works on modern booking engine that allows users to move with just a few clicks. It is number one platform for moving and cleaning services in Switzerland.
"MOVU demands high quality and professionalism from its partners. Holycode has proven to be extremely reliable, customer-focused and solution-oriented."

Laurent Decrue

CEO & Co-Founder at MOVU AG
KNIP team works on digital insurance broker application that allows users an easy-to-understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services. The app automatically detects individual insurance coverage. The app is currently available for iOS and Android in Switzerland and Germany.
"Working with the team from Holycode was beyond all expectations - from their attitude and enthusiasm to their knowledge and experience; Together with Holycode we've been able to build up a highly motivated team of more than 20 skilled developers already. To say our experience with Holycode has been awesome would be an understatement."

Jan Thurau

Group CTO at KNIP AG
AVA team works on bracelet for tracking fertility days by combining break-through sensor technology, revolutionary data science and a brilliant team to make a real difference in women's health. The bracelet is currently available on USA market.
"Holycode helped us to develop our product in record-time. I am impressed by the commitment and quality of service Holycode offers."

Benedikt Baumgartner

VP Software at AVA AG


We are always taking care that all of our people feel comfortable and good about their work, constant team buildings, birthday celebrations, special dates, nothing gets unnoticed. You should have in mind that we are always looking for hard working and cool people to make our work even more fun.

We had a great time as a part of IT konekt job fair. It’s was nice to gather our small IT community at one place, to chit chat a bit, introuduce us, learn something new and share some prizes to young people who solved our test. Yes, it wasn’t easy to walk around with that wings, but we didn’t stay unnoticed and that is how we do it! ;)

It’s not like we don’t have our small parties every day, but we had to make one to open season of warm days at our lovely garden. We are lucky that we have Vlada here, who was in charge for delicious gulas! :) Beside beer and some rakija, we had privite DJ to warm up atmosphere. We liked it so we will keep doing that in every season. :)

Yes, we have nice jobes, sitting in the nice office, doing what you love - what else person needs? But we like challenges that Bojana puts in front of us - that was situation with pallets and furniture that we made for our garden. It wasn’t easy to stay overtime and sweat on that summer Sun, but when it was done- we knew it it was worth it! Thanks Bojana.

Boris doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does- it’s something good! :) It was his idea to support JS community and be part of Serverless code camp. Learning something new, sharing knowledge, having fun- it was interesting way to spend one Saturday. And what is most important- our guys won 3rd place! Congrats! :) JS Belgrade Meetup

Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? We have! And you shouldn't miss it. The premiere was awesome, and we are always ready for a nice time with our team! You can always come with us and become a part of the Holycodization!

'You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation' observed Plato in the 1st century BC. And what would be more fun than a teambuilding carting evening? We always take care of our people, and they are always fast and furious.

Wild, young and free! Frozen too! Yes, that was one summer weekend on Tara river. Amazing nature, lots of laughter, cevapi and beer made one perfect team building. We will be back! :)

Who doesn't love nutella? The answer is no one at Holycode. So, we are celebrating birthdays as always. Work hard and EAT hard!

There's cake too, don't worry.




Djordja Stanojevica 14,
Belgrade Office Park,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia